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  1. Click on the link below. Choose "Open this file from its current location" to install it now, or "Save to disk" to install it later. It's suggested to install it to C:\ATCC which will make the later step easier. It will place shortcuts on your desktop which you should delete -- it needs to be launched by DOSBox instead (step 3 below).

    Download ATCC V1.0 (2.5MB)

  2. Download the ATCC manual and sector documentation here: ATCCDocumentsPDFFormat.zip.

  3. Download and install the free open-source utility DOSBox from http://www.dosbox.com  (it should be found on their "Downloads" page).

  4. To run the sim (you have to do this each time you want to run it):

    • Launch DOSBox. It will put up a DOS-like command window and a second status window.

    • Type mount c c:\ATCC (assuming you installed to the ATCC folder as above).

    • Hit ctrl-F12 repeatedly until the 'CPU speed' in the DOSBox title bar is at least 20,000 (otherwise it'll run really slowly).

    • Type c: and press ENTER to change to the ATCC directory.

    • Type ATCC10 to launch (remember the 10 at the end). It will pop up in a small 640x480 window. Press alt-ENTER to toggle fullscreen. Switch to another window with alt-TAB to release the mouse pointer.


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