Month Contents
December 98 Sequencing puzzle; Info on status of ATCC versions
October 98 New Voices; Working the same sectors; When routine fails; Non-routine deals; The Media; D-Sides
August 98 Preview of new sectors; Scanning; Nightmares; Military Ops; Tips
July 98 Weather Thrashing; Deviations prior to sector; Running ATC in Background; Mailing Lists; Interview w/ C.Coon;
June 98 New sector notes; New features coming; Philosophical Issues; Real-life ATC training; Visual Separation; Cheating the snitch; Changing your radio (listen in); Strips; Storms
May 98 Wing and a Prayer TV Movie; Operational Deviations (leaving sector w/o handoff); Enroute spacing; Decertification & Training; Concentration; Little things
April 98 Positive Separation; Datablocks; The Interphone; Similar callsigns; Featured ZAU75; On being FPL
March 98 Voice recognition driver (talk slowly); Speech mannerisms (link to Valujet 592 ATC tape; Critical situations; Coord w/ other sectors; Featured ZLA19
February 98 Upcoming Projects; Blackout Effect (movie); Keeping the flick; Control on Contact; Featured ZNY97
January 98 Ver 1.1 Upgrade; Bug vs Feature; Sector Proficiency; Featured ZAU82; Hard vs Temp alts; Angry controllers
December 97 Ver 1.1 notes; Hard Alt feature change; Readbacks; Losing control; Thrashing; Featured ZLA38; ATC Movies; Upgrade to ZAU Approach sector
November 97 More on Ver 1.1; The "voice"; VSCS Console (Ver 1.1); Radar controller test; Official rules/procedures; Featured ZNY66; More tips
October 97 Updated ZLA maps; Deals; Article 65 (sup overrides your judgement); Track jumps; Histories; Wrong freq; Airline differences
September 97 Example voices (1.1); Proper spacing; Good judgement; Real-life radar equip; More on Alt-P (unplug); Q&A They're just blips
August 97 Program lockups; Abandoning the sector; Frustration; Pilot mistakes; Fatigue,stress; Airport closure; Airport closures; Bad aircraft; D-Sides; Scan, scan, scan
July 97 Voice upgrade (1.1); Handling a/c Emergencies; BE the sector; Under-restrictions cause deals; Don't over-restrict; relief briefing; New radar equip; ZLA19 boundary proposal; ZNY97 map update
June 97 CERT strangeness; Holding; Strips; Weather; Conflict alert; Typing; Coast track (CST); Scan; ORD Approach sector (mult runways)
May 97 ORD Approach; Taking back handoffs; Keystroke shortcuts; Keeping strip displayed; ZAU75 Sequencing; Vectors vs Altitude; Interesting facts
April 97 ZLA04 Sector; Storm season; Readback errors; Grumpy pilots; Expedite; Deals->Breaks; How to see out the window; ATC Jobs
March 97 Unk a/c asking for lower; Sector freqs; New sectors; Unfair ratings; MSR Callsign; Sequencing, winds; Radar outages & non-radar techniques; TRACON vs Center
February 97 Time of Day; The Rating system; D-Side; Looking away from radar; Warming up; Workload & Getting overwhelmed; Crashes